Final draft of resolution on follow up and review of 2030 Agenda available now!

The Co-facilitators have circulated the final draft of the resolution on the follow-up and review of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development at the global level. See attached letter; draft as .pdf; draft as word document; and comparison document showing changes, based on that circulated by the Women’s Major Group. See also email below from DESA.

Consultations on the final draft of the resolution will take place today (Friday) from 3-6pm (see below). Please note that they will be informal informals and, as such, will not be webcast...

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ECOSOC President appoints Co-facilitators for negotiations on HLPF ministerial declaration

As indicated in the attached letter, the ECOSOC President has appointed H.E Ms. Gillian Bird, Permanent Representative of Australia to the United Nations, and H.E Mr. Gustavo Meza-Cuadra, Permanent Representative of Peru to the United Nations, to co-facilitate the informal consultations on the ministerial declaration for the high-level political forum.


New draft of resolution on follow-up and review of 2030 Agenda to be issued today, 26 May

The ‘informal informals’ concluded consideration of the revised text of the draft resolution on review and follow-up of the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development on 25 May. A final version will be circulated by the Co-facilitators, Ambassadors Lois Young and Ib Petersen, today 26 May. It will be considered tomorrow 27 May, at which time it is hoped that agreement will be reached.

Major Groups and other Stakeholders (MGos) were given the opportunity to comment on the draft document at the end of the session, despite objections from the Russian Federation that it is not the tradition to give the floor to MGoS...

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Civil Society: Apply to attend or speak at the President of the UN General Assembly's High-level Thematic Debate on Human Rights

UN Headquarters, New York

12-13 July 2016

1 June - Apply for civil society Selection Committee

7 June - Apply for civil society speaking roles

14 June - Apply to attend the event

The  President of the United Nations General Assembly will convene, on 12-13  July 2016, a High-level Thematic Debate (HLTD) on Human Rights. In light of the 50
th anniversary of the international human rights covenants and the process  to select and appoint the next United Nations Secretary-General, the  HLTD will be an opportunity to:...

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Revised draft for resolution on 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development

The Co-facilitators have issued a revised draft for the resolution on the follow-up and review of the 2030 Agenda at the global level.

Process for negotiations: as stated in the letter from the Co-facilitators ‘informal informals’ will be held during this coming week with the first meeting on Tuesday 24 May, from 11 am to 1 pm in Conference Room 11. There will be opportunities for representatives of Major Groups and other Stakeholders (MGoS) to take the floor, who should sign up using the following form. The deadline for signing up is Monday 23 May, 6.00 NYC time. All interventions should not exceed 2 minutes and should focus on making concrete suggestions on the revised draft circulated by the co-facilitators.


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Urgent warning: Disclaimer for Fraudulent Conference Invitations & Registrations

We have received the following advisory from DESA:

Note that fraudulent emails are currently being circulated, inviting individuals or groups to the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development, including announcement of fraudulent websites (see attached: file 1 and file 2). 

For more information, please visit the United Nations Fraud Alert website.

All official information related to registration to the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development is available here:


Summary of Governments Views on 2030 Follow-up resolution “Zero Draft” 

The consultation was held on 12 May 2016 on the "zero draft" of the Co-facilitators draft Assembly resolution on the follow-up and review of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development at the global level. (See: Co-facilitators’ draft resolution of 6 May 2016) Discussions addressed various aspects of the resolution, including themes for the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF); Voluntary National Reviews (VNRs); inclusivity; and UN system coherence and efficiency. A revised draft will be prepared by the Co-facilitators Lois Young, Permanent Representative of Belize, and Ib Petersen, Permanent Representative of Denmark for discussion during the week of 23 May 2016...

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Women’s Major Group reaction to 2016 HLPF Zero Draft

The Women’s Major Group (WMG) has circulated its reaction to the HLPF zero draft, which is being shared with the Co-facilitators leading the discussion, as well as with Member States. 

2016 HLPF: Letter from the ECOSOC President and possible modalities for the HLPF programme

We have received the following from DESA:

Dear All,

Please find attached, for your information as well please, a letter from the President of ECOSOC regarding the 2016 HLPF and an accompanying note on possible modalities for the forum. The documents are also posted on our website at:

We would welcome any comments you may have on the modalities by cob Wednesday, 18 May, which we will then be pleased to transmit to the Office of the President. Please send any comments to Isabela Cunha at (, with a copy to Lotta Tähtinen at (


CSOs express initial concerns about Co-facilitators’ draft resolution

Ahead of the intergovernmental negotiations a number of civil society organizations, networks and other groups have expressed their initial and preliminary concerns on some of the issues included in the Co-facilitators draft resolution. (See: Co-facilitators’ draft resolution of 6 May 2016)...

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