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The NGOs beyond 2014, which is run by the Commonwealth Medical Trust (Commat) aims to provide NGOs with information on the 20-year review of progress in the implementation of the Programme of Action (PoA) of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) which was agreed at in Cairo in 1994. It will provide information on ICPD beyond 2014, as the UN General Assembly has already extended the time for the implementation of the ICPD. The website will also provide a ‘space’ for NGOs to discuss issues related to the 20-year review and for plans for moving forward…

What is the ICPD PoA?

The International Conference on Population and Development was a watershed conference that represented a paradigm shift away from the traditional, macro-demographic perspective towards one of sustainable development that places human rights at the centre of population and development policies. It addressed a comprehensive range of issues and recognized that the right to sexual and reproductive health and women’s empowerment are core to the linkages of population and development.

The ICPD PoA includes specific recommendations on a broad range of issues. Within the framework of sexual and reproductive health they include access to information and services, quality of care and availability of commodities that firmly place reproductive health within primary health care systems. Also addressed are unmet need; social marketing and community-based services; maternal mortality and morbidity; abortion; sexuality and sexually transmitted infections (STIs); and HIV/AIDS. Within the broader health framework, there are recommendations on health services and systems; the role of the private sector; and infant and child health and mortality. There is also a section on the sexual and reproductive health of adolescents, a major group within the population that had heretofore been largely neglected.

The ICPD PoA makes recommendations on concerns within the framework of sustainable development on population and environment, including climate change. It also provides a comprehensive review of issues related to aspects of migration, such as internal migration, international migration, refugees, asylum-seekers and displaced persons.

Gender equality and the empowerment of women are at the centre of the PoA and remain a guiding principle throughout the document. The needs of vulnerable groups such as the girl child, older persons, persons with disabilities and indigenous people, education and the family, its roles, rights, composition and structure are also addressed in detail, including in humanitarian settings.

The ICPD PoA is, above all, rooted in the importance of the respect for human rights and the attendant need to address violence against women and harmful practices. It indeed provides a broad framework that has guided sustainable development since 1994.

Emphasis in the PoA is placed on implementation with recommendations included on costing and resource mobilization.  National action and international cooperation are addressed, together with the importance of partnering with NGOs.  Suggestions for the follow-up process for its implementation are also discussed.

Summary of the Programme of Action

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