Latest on para 16 on Gender Equality in Ministerial Declaration: Women’s Major Group Statement

It is possible that there will be a vote on the gender equality paragraph of the Ministerial Declaration. (See: Letter by the President of ECOSOC transmitting the draft ministerial declaration) To support the paragraph as drafted, the WMG drafted the following statement this morning. It will be adapted and used in their external messaging as well as with their advocacy with Member States.

Ministerial Declaration

The WMG continues to call on Member States to redouble their political commitment at the highest levels to the holistic implementation of the full 2030 Agenda, including robust action on the Means of Implementation.

The WMG especially supports the gender equality paragraph (16) in the Ministerial Declaration. Important language in this paragraph includes:


  • Full realization of the human rights of ALL women and girls to achieve inclusive, sustainable and resilient societies.
  • Commitment to prevent and respond to gender-based violence, sexual exploitation and abuse, sexual harassment and harmful practices.
  • Systematic mainstreaming of a gender perspective into the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.
  • Links between Goal 5 and all the other SDGs.
  • Leadership and full, effective & equal participation of women in decision-making in the design, budgeting, implementation and monitoring of policies and programmes.
  • Urgency of women’s equal access to, and control over, land and natural resources.


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