NGO MG Statements for Social Media

We have received the following from NGO Major Groups on behalf of Saionara König-Reis, Head of NY Office and Representative to the UN, Dianova International;

Dear NGO MG colleagues,

On behalf of the Social Media Task Team I want to thank you for doing your share in strengthening the NGO MG collective online advocacy efforts before, during and (now) after this HLPF. This year has been particularly effective because of your contributions with messages, videos, likes, shares and statements - THANK YOU and please continue to share.

Now the HLPF is over, but our collective actions are not!

We have gathered the statements delivered (or prepared) on behalf of the NGO Major Group during the HLPF sessions and we transformed them into visual pages to help you spread the message through your social media channels. We will continue to post them on NGO MG Twitter and Facebook within the next days, feel free to share from ours or to post them directly in your pages. 

Attached you will find a compilation of all the statements in PDF.

If you need the pages is JPG format, you can download them from this link.

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