ICPD + 25: Posting 9

ICPD Beyond 2014 + 5 Regional Reviews:  ICPD Indicators for monitoring in the framework of the Arab Forum on Sustainable Development 

As referred to in posting 5, the Arab States have identified 39 indicators from the SDG global indicator framework as a regional priority list. 

The list of indicators was developed at a meeting organized in Cairo in October 2015  the Arab States Regional Office of UNFPA (ASRO), with the participation of the League of Arab States and ESCWA. The meeting was attended by senior officials from national statistic offices, population commissions, line ministries, parliamentarians and national research centres as well as regional and international experts.

Indicators for SDG targets 3.7 on universal access to sexual and reproductive health care services and 5.6 on sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights are included in the proposed list of priority ICPD based SDG indicators.

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