7th meeting of the IAEG-SDGs: UPDATE 10

The IAEG discussed the process for the Comprehensive review of the SDG indicators that will take place in 2020, including the timeline: 

Comprehensive review timeline

By mid-2019 the IAEG-SDGs will review indicators and propose changes and possible deletions based on the criteria set out in the IAEG Report to the Statistical Commission (E/CN.3/20107/2) and carry out an open consultation.

Modifications of the framework during the 2020 comprehensive review could include the addition, deletion, refinement or adjustment of indicators on the basis of:

  • Indicator does not map well to the target
  • Additional indicator(s) is/are needed to cover all aspects of the target
  • New data sources are available
  • Methodological development of tier III has stalled or has not produced expected results
  • Indicator is not measuring progress towards meeting the target

By end 2019, the IAEG will prepare the final proposal for the 2020 review for the consideration of the Statistical Commission.

During the discussion during the session Canada expressed concern that countries would not have the capacity to measure all the indicators. Currently there are more than 231 indicators, as some of them are in fact dashboards.  Germany, supported by France said that there could be more, but they should not be part of the set. Trinidad and Tobago referred to the concept of measurement and what it meant, saying that countries cannot always find the data to satisfy the indicators. Grenada pointed out that they have to collect data etc with a population of 110,000. India stated that if there are additional indicators, it should be clear as to why existing indicators cannot address the issue. On reporting it was pointed out that with a limit of 800,000 words for the global report, each indicator would only have 30 words. 

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