Update: Sixth meeting of the IAEG-SDGs, 11-14 November, Bahrain

The UN Statistics Division (UNSD) has provided further information on the plenary session of the sixth IAEG meeting, including ways in which stakeholders will be able to participate in the discussions taking place.

  1. Agenda – a new, detailed agenda is attached. This agenda is also available on the meeting website (
  2. Meeting documents – as the meeting gets closer, discussion and background documents for the meeting will be uploaded to the website. (No paper copies of these documents will be available at the meeting.)
  3. Stakeholder participation –Stakeholder Interventions are no longer included in the agenda, as stakeholders will be able to make interventions during the discussions on each agenda item.
  4. Presentations by stakeholders at meeting –  There are two agenda items: Agenda item 5: Progress by custodian agencies and stakeholders on methodological development and other implementation activities on SDG indicators and Agenda item 8: SDG implementation and reporting at national regional, global and thematic levels for which representatives of stakeholders will be invited to make 1 or 2 presentations. Stakeholders to work together in developing these presentations and any interested stakeholders to should submit a proposal for their presentation under one of these two agenda items to the UNSD ( by this Friday, 3 November. The presentations should be no longer than 5-7 minutes in length. Based on the submissions received, a decision will be made as to which presentations will be made taking into account the other presentations in the session in order to ensure different aspects of the agenda are being discussed. If a presentation is not selected, there will still be an opportunity to make interventions during the discussion of these agenda items.

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