7th meeting of the IAEG-SDGs: UPDATE 13

Stakeholders discussions with Enrique Ortiz, Co-Chair IAEG-SDGs 

During the meeting of the IAEG-SDGs, Enrique Ortiz, Co-chair, met with the Stakeholder Group during which the Stakeholders conveyed their thanks for the new structure which allows them to contribute on agenda items as they arise. He stressed the importance of having immediate feedback, as what is said helps with their work. 

On issues related to greater involvement, the Group requested that new groups being established by the IAEG should be opened up to Stakeholders. They would like to be more involved in the indicators with an opportunity to voice their opinions on-line. Having listened to the presentations of Custodian Agencies on Tier III indicators again the Group requested more involvement, stressing the importance of transparency and inclusivity and their ability to reach out to other organizations.  They would also like to be more engaged and informed on the development  of the new indicators in 2020. Members of the Group commented on the issue of proxy indicators. 

In his replies, the Co-chair said that in reviewing the Terms of Reference of IAEG, the IAEG would look into possibilities to form specific groups with agencies and stakeholders. Specialized working groups would be required on concrete indicators and mechanisms do exist. Guidelines on groups would depend on the indicators. He would, however, have to refer back to the IAEG. 

On proxy indicators he pointed that the IAEG does not want parallel processes, while realising user demand for those indicators. Proxy indicators would be the best approximation with available information. On the Custodian Agencies relationship and the missing link for involving stakeholders, the Agencies can be asked to be more open. He also referred to the indicators that do not address whole target and said that there would be an open consultation on additional indicators in 2020. There is meanwhile a lot work that the IAEG must complete by the end of 2018 on the  initial categories, with a Webex being scheduled for indicator 2.3.1

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