8th meeting of the IAEG-SDGs – UPDATE 5

Presentation of outcome of tier reclassification based on data availability (Tier I and Tier II indicators)

The recommendations (below) were accepted for reclassification of the following targets from Tier Ito Tier II:

5.b.1  Proportion of individuals who own a mobile phone, by sex -- as there is insufficient coverage for all regions, except LAC

11.5.2  Direct economic loss in relation to global GDP, damage to critical infrastructure and number of disruptions to basic services, attributed to disasters  -- as there is no country or population coverage for North America. There is below criteria for country coverage for Europe and below coverage for Europe and below criteria for population coverage for Europe and Asia Pacific

These Tier IIindicators meet the criteria for  Tier I

2.a.1   The agriculture orientation index for government expenditures

3.3.1   Number of new HIV infections per 1,000 uninfected population, by sex, age and key populations

3.3.4   Hepatitis B incidence per 100,000 population 

3.7.2   Adolescent birth rate (aged 10-14 years; aged 15-19 years) per 1,000 women in that age group

3.8.1 Coverage of essential health services (defined as the average coverage of essential services based on tracer interventions that include reproductive, maternal, newborn and child heath, infectious diseases, non-communication diseases and service capacity and access, among the general and the most disadvantaged population)

3.8.2   Proportion  of population with large household expenditures on health as a share of total household expenditure or income

3.b.1   Proportion of the target population covered by all vaccines included in their national programme

6.5.2   Proportion of transboundary basin area with an operational arrangement for water cooperation

6.6.1   Change in the extent of water-related ecosystems over time

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