HLPF Side events

We have received the following from DESA:

We understand that a number of organizations have sent a letter to the President of ECOSOC raising some concerns regarding the HLPF side events and also requesting that UN DESA provides guidance and supporting letters to participants who may need visa to enter the US.

We thank you for raising your concerns and while a more detailed response will be shared with you, DSD is working to address these concerns including by trying to secure more space to accommodate additional side events inside the UN premises. The level of interest in the HLPF by Member States, UN system and MGoS alike has grown exponentially and we are seeing unprecedented interest in this year's HLPF. 

We would like to clarify with you the process for MGoS receiving supporting letters for visa purposes. As you are aware and as is the standard practice for most formal UN processes, DSD had opened registration to HLPF for eligible representatives of MGoS in the CSO net. Over 2,400 individuals had registered by the deadline of 15 June (which is 1,000 more than in 2016). Please note that all eligible participants have been approved by DSD. All approved participants have also received an individualized letter of confirmation generated by the CSO net that can be used when applying for a visa to the US, as per standard practice.  

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