Sixth meeting of the IAEG-SDGs, 11-14 November, Bahrain: Update 1

The Sixth Meeting of the IAEG-SDGs was opened by Enrique Ordaz, Co-Chair, with remarks from Dr Ahmed Hashim Alyushaa, General Director of Research, Coordination and Follow-up at the Royal Court, Kingdom of Bahrain ad Member of Board of Trustees, DERASAT and Francesca Perucci, Chief of Statistical Services Branch, United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD).

Francesca Perucci, thanked DERASAT and everyone, including countries that are not official members and those from UN Agencies and CSOs and other stakeholders. She noted that the list of indicators is now agreed in a General Assembly resolution, which provides a framework for the work of National Statistical Offices (NSOs). The resolution also includes reporting countries. International agencies are custodians of the setting of national standards and working together and building national capacity. There is also a need to explore new data sources and fulfil the large demand for data.

As she pointed out, countries have mobilized to prepare national platforms and have engaged with CSOs.

Enrique Ordaz also said that after adoption of global indicator framework in July, that the IAEG-SDGs is aware of the remaining challenges. These include tconcluding the guidance on disaggregation, which is a huge task; mandate on data flows and reporting; and to work on indicators in Tier III.

New members of the IAEG-SDGs

Enrique then introduced the seven new members, as well as the new Co-chair from Tanzania, thanking the previous Co-chair from the Philippines. See: Sixth meeting of the IAEG-SDGs, 11-14 November, Bahrain

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