6 APPC Civil Society Statement


We have received the following from the International Planned Parenthood Federation:

Today Civil Society from the Asia Pacific region delivered the CS position on the review of the ICPD in the Asia Pacific region, at the Sixth Asia Pacific Population Conference. The statement was delivered to over 400 delegates from 42 member states from the region, by the Director of IPPF South Asia region, Anjali Sen.

The statement was developed by the  120 regional and national civil society organizations, from over 30 countries, representing the five sub-regions of the Asia Pacific region, who attended the  Advances, challenges and ways forward: Asia Pacific CSO forum on ICPD beyond 2014 meeting in Bangkok last week. Thirty per cent of delegates attending were youth. Agencies representing human rights, sexual and reductive health, ageing, women's rights, development and spent two days reviewing the latest evidence to compile a visionary position on what needs to be done to ensure universal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights for all individuals in the region.

Advances, challenges and ways forward: Asia Pacific CSO forum on ICPD beyond 2014 was organized by a steering committee comprised of: IPPF SARO, IPPF ESEAOR, AFPPD, ARROW, APA, DAWN, Help Age International, SARYN, ICOMP, IWRAW, Youth lead, Coalition of Asia Pacific Regional Networks on HIV/AIDS.

Attached is the statement by Anjali Sen to 6APPC. 


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