Prime Minister David Cameron, Co-chair of the High Level Panel, emphasizes ending extreme poverty in press conference at end of panel meeting

In a press conference on 15 May 2013 British Prime Minister and Co-chair High Level Panel (HLP) on the Post-2015 Global Development Agenda, said that the meeting had wrapped up with consensus emerging on how to make a more equitable world.

Addressing journalists at the UN Headquarters in New York, Mr. Cameron said: “[We] nailed our colours to the mast with one clear overarching aim – end extreme poverty in our world.”

According to Mr Cameron, the HLP aims to create a development agenda that will also focus on protection of the rule of law, good governance and holding Governments to account, which comprise what Mr. Cameron called “the golden thread of development.”

“It is a real breakthrough that agreement is emerging to include goals that go to the heart of this golden thread that links open economies and open societies, fair and accountable institutions, equal economic and political opportunities for women, open and fair rules to boost enterprises and growth,” Mr. Cameron told reporters.

A statement released after the conclusion of the three-day meeting, said the panel reiterated “the imperative need for a renewed global partnership that enables a transformative, people-centred and planet-sensitive development agenda, realized through the equal partnership of all stakeholders.”

As stated in the previous posting, the panel will present its report on 30 May to the Secretary-General, who also participated in its discussions.

A webcast of David Cameron (United Kingdom) on the Post-2015 Development Agenda - Media Stakeout - is available here

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