Current status of HLPF Ministerial Declaration

During the past days, the negotiations on the Ministerial Declaration have been ongoing, in accordance with the programme of work established by the Co-Facilitators. 

Member States could not agreed on several paragrapns including those dealing with health and language concerning sexual and reproductive health and rights; gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls; Means of Implementation, including questions on financing for development; references to countries under foreign occupation; and the use of unilateral economic measures,  which according to the G77 will impede economic development and result in many people being left behind.

Most recently the Co-Facilitators have continued to consult with delegations, as well as working on the preparation of a revised text. This final revised draft will be given to delegations and placed under silence procedure.

Note: The silence procedure was used last year when Member States also failed to reach agreement.

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